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Richa Mishra is the Advisor (Social Sector Development) of the Atal Bihari Vajpeyee Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis since January 2010. She started her carrier as Block Resource Center Coordinator (BRCC) in District Primary Education Program (DPEP). Prior to AIGGPA Richa worked as District Program Manager in Tejaswini Rural Women Empowerment Program, funded by IFAD. She has more than 20 Years of work experience in various project of Government sector. Her core area of works are Education, Women Empowerment, Rural Development and Training.


She has also been associated with Academy of Administration for module development on ‘School Management’ under the Poverty alleviation and Capacity Building Program. Other then this she is also involved in development of self study material on the ‘Chief Minister Community Leadership Development’ program run by the Women and Childe Development department. She is also a resource person for ‘Direct Training Skill (DTS)’ and workshops.

In AIGGPA her work involves the Impact Assessment of Government schemes. She is also member of the editorial board of News letter ‘Sushasan’ publish by the Institute.