Many students pursuing Graduate/Post Graduate courses from various Universities/Institutes of India and abroad along with pass-outs of these universities/institutions have shown interest in undertaking training/short term assignments under the Institute. In view of this, the Institute is introducing a programme called "Organizational Learning Programme" in the interest of the students who have interest in the public sector and want to learn and contribute in the field of Governance, Policy Analysis, Public Policy and so on.


Objective of the Programme:

To familiarize the interested and willing bright young students and pass-outs with the overall processes of governance and development for short term researches connected with analysis of policies, programmes, projects, schemes etc.


Application Form:      Download
  Note: Application in the prescribed form may be mailed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Mr. Gaurav Khare, Dy. Advisor (Governance))


Committed bright students (Graduate & Post Graduate) and pass-outs who wish to work in the relevant field of Public Policy and Governance and are willing to spend short periods as trainees for active participation in projects, studies, consultancies etc. with the Institute shall be eligible for the programme.


Guidelines of the Programme:

  1. The duration of the learning programme will be a minimum of 1 month and could be extended to a maximum period of 6 months on the basis of need and performance.
  2. Trainees will not be paid any stipend or provided free accommodation during the programme.
  3. Students pursuing regular studies/ students who have completed their studies may apply directly to the institute as per prescribed procedure.
  4. The Institute will have a maximum of 20 trainees at any point of time which would be allocated among centers as per their requirement.
  5. The applicants will be selected by respective centers based on the academic record and through personal interviews/telephonic interview/video conferencing.
  6. During the field visits, the institute will make necessary arrangements for their travel and stay. In case the trainees make their own arrangements the expenses incurred by them will be reimbursed by the institute as per the institute’s policy.
  7. The Institute will have the Intellectual Property Rights on the data collected, findings and all other outcomes of the projects undertaken by the trainee. The contribution made by the trainee in such studies will be duly acknowledged. However, no part of the foregoing components would be used elsewhere by the trainee without prior written permission of the institute.
  8. The Institute will issue certificates to the trainees after successful completion of the programme.
  9. The trainees will abide by the conduct rules of the institute.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Guidelines of the Programme:
  2. Get an exposure to Government and public sector.
  3. Develop research and documentation skills.
  4. Develop team-working skills.
  5. Improve their interpersonal relations and communications skills
  6. Develop work ethics & Improve ICT skills. 
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