Centre for Social Sector Development (CSSD) is one of the four centers of Atal Bihari Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis (AIGGPA). As per the organogram of the Institute, the centre is manned by a Principal Advisor, one Advisor and two Deputy Advisors along with the support staff. The Centre works on projects that are directly linked with the social well being of the people. The Centre through the platform of AIGGPA provides consultancy to different social sector-related departments of the government by undertaking field studies, studying the impact of different interventions, and by building the capacity of different stakeholders. Its reports are shared with the concerned departments. The centre has identified Health, education and agriculture as the priority sectors for the year 2016-17.

As on date, the Centre has done several studies in collaboration with the State Government departments and national and international partners. Its seeks to establish linkages with international organizations like the UN to ensure that the Human Development Index for the state improves in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. The Centre not only aims to undertake impact assessment, diagnostic and procedural studies and manual preparation, but also looks into policy issues through policy analysis initiatives. The centre follows scientific research methods and tools for data collection and analysis. Owing to the interdisciplinary nature of the social sector, the Centre aims to achieve holistic solutions through a 360 degree approach. Details of ongoing studies of the Centre are available on the website of the institute.

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