The center of economic sector is constituted with an objective to bring more evidence and scientific data to make informed decisions regarding various schemes, programs, processes and policy analysis and policy formulation. Since the inception in 2016, the center has worked to gather and use a variety of field based observations in suggesting improvements to various processes and schemes at various project stages, primarily through economic impact assessments. The focus has been in identifying the impact of the public services on the business and larger community, on critical parameters like income level changes, operating cost effects and productivity gains.

In more recent times, the center has concentrated on the program evaluations of some of the important and pressing issues for the state. The work relating to agriculture extension services and non-farm livelihood activities is dealt in details. Assessing the business environment for small industries is been worked upon to get more answers for the state, in pursuit of supporting economic development. Similarly manpower planning and its interplay with informal sector is another focus area currently for the center.

The center will extend its work on emerging areas like technology adoption in business as well as in the government sector to comprehend its overarching impact. The team at the center will undertake these work areas in addition to other current efforts and would explore their inter-dependencies. The center is committed to building broader partnerships with academia and civil societies to not only get better citizen-centric insights, but also in conducting quality research by utilizing the expert domain knowledge present in all forums.

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