“Baalasya moolam gyanam” (Knowledge is strength)

In the 21 Century, the industrial economy has moved to a Knowledge Economy; the new source of wealth is knowledge. Knowledge Management (KM) is “about capturing, creating, distilling and using (explicit and tacit) know-how” that critical knowledge (selected from the vast, ever expanding ocean) which is most crucial for achieving specific organizational goals. Knowledge Management ensures availability of right knowledge at the right time in the right place. KM has become imperative in today's context due to such strategic advantages as avoiding wasteful 'reinventing the wheel', enabling faster/ better decision-making and time/ resource saving.

CKM has a cross cutting presence in the Institute. In order to meet the objectives of the Institute the main role of CKM is to develop and maintain a Knowledge and Information Repository, having information on vital information of state and central Govt., links to various global knowledge repositories, networking with global knowledge institutions, detailed information on research projects, case studies, research papers, innovations, best practices/ good governance initiatives, audio-video contents, Open Journal Access System (OJAS) etc. CKM is also involved in dissemination of information related to various activities of the institute through publications and is engaged in several other studies/ projects.

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