Migration to paperless environment

The institute has transformed its office into a paperless environment. A need is felt to integrate the whole working process into one comprehensive eOffice environment. In order to achieve this, NIC's eOffice solutions have been deployed. The implementation of the eOffice was carried out by the institute as a mission mode project. The project timelines for rolling out the implementation were defined for all the 27 activities to be performed as per the transition strategy and transition time-table defined by NIC. These 27 activities were broken into sub-activities which were performed in parallel. eOffice three tier governance structure comprising of Project Steering Committee, Project Implementation Committee and Support Mechanism were constituted, in which different activities were assigned to the staff of the Institute. Individual Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) and personal govt. e-mail ids as recommended were created for all the staff of the institute. Live files of all the four Centres and two Divisions of the institute were digitized by Digitization unit.  




The eOffice application was hosted at M.P. State Data Centre. The activity of migration has been carried out by the institute in record time. The institute had initiated the project in the month of December 2015. The rolling out phase started on 15th January 2016 and eOffice implementation go live on 3rd March 2016. 

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