S. No. List of Publications / Study Reports  
1 Impact Assessment of Tubewell scheme under RKVY 2013-14  Download
2 Impact Assessment of support to tribals having patta right in forest villages scheme under RKVY 2013-14  Download
3 Impact Assessment of Raising Composite Nursery scheme for SRI under RKVY 2013-14  Download
4 Impact Assessment of Diesel/Electric Pump Scheme under RKVY 2013-14  Download
5 A procedural study of MGNREGS in Madhya Pradesh to identify delays in wage payment  Download
6 Impact Assessment of Mukhya Mantri Swarozgar Yojana  Download
7 Impact Assessment of Scheme for agriculture related assitance for Primitive Tribes Farmers  Download
8 Impact Assessment of Seed Distribution Scheme  Download
9 Suicide Prevention strategy framework for Madhya Pradesh  Download
10 Third party evaluation of Post Metric Scholarship Scheme of GoMP.  Download
11 Impact Assessment of Farm Field School Scheme  Download
12 Crop Insurance Models and Relief Measures in
India and Madhya Pradesh
13 Study related to the citizen services of energy department being delivered through LSK under Right to Service Act, 2010  Download
14 Study of Socio-economic status of widows/ separated women in Madhya Pradesh  Download
15 Impact assessment of CM Self Employment Scheme  Download
16 Study of Right to Service Acts of Selected Indian States  Download
17 Horticulture Department working process manual.
18 Veterinary Department working process manual.
19 Impact assessment of National Agriculture Insurance Scheme  Download
20 Impact assessment of Virtual Classroom Project  Download
21 Impact assessment of SGSY- Special project  Download
22 Survey of Lok Seva Kendra established in MP  Download
23 Study on assessment of NGC Eco Club Activities  Download
24 Impact assessment of SC ST Farmers Training Programme  Download
25 Impact assessment of Deen Dayal Antoydaya Upchar yojana  Download
26 Impact assessment of Micro Irrigation Scheme  Download
27 Study on assessment of the Improvement in Quality of Life of Beneficiaries under Madhya Pradesh Rural Livelihood Project  Download
28 Impact assessment of Balram Talab Yojana  Download
29 Impact assessment of Kapil Dhara Yojana  Download
30 BRGF SWOT and Vision Document Dindori  Download
31 Impact assessment of Diesel Pump Yojana  Download
32 Impact assessment of Mobile Veterinary Van  Download
33 Impact assessment of National Food Security Mission  Download
34 Study on assessment of Promoting Intensive Goat Production Scheme under NMPS  Download
35 Impact assessment of JSY  Download
36 Impact assessment of Ladli Laxmi Yojana  Download
37 Impact assessment of Surajdhara Yojana  Download
38 Impact assessment Tejaswini  Download
39 Impact assessment of Village Health & Sanitation Committee  Download
40 BRGF SWOT and Vision Document Anuppur District  Download
41 BRGF SWOT and Vision Document Shahdol District  Download
42 Study on state government Jan Mitra and Seva Mitra Yojna  Download
43 SWOT Analysis - BRGF Project- District Seoni  Download