About Programme

The Chief Minister's Young Professionals for Development Programme is an opportunity for young graduates/post graduates and professionals to work with the government. The Programme, like the fellowship programmes of other states, aims to equip aspiring Young Professionals with an in depth understanding of the complexity of the governance and development processes through district and village level immersion in a wide range of institutions dealing with regulation, health, education, infrastructure, urban and rural development and social security. These young professionals will help identify problems in the design of programmes, schemes and implementation processes through rigorously structured research projects, so that necessary improvements can be made at the policy and implementation levels.

One Young Professionals (CM Research Associates) are placed in every 51 district of Madhya Pradesh to gather objective feedback on the functioning of the government. They are guided in their work by 6 dedicated Mentors (Advisors) who are located at the institute in Bhopal and are working closely with the government departments at the policy making level. This young team will work with the institute on projects in areas of government activity having maximum impact on the citizens. Such projects will cover issues of governance like accountability, enforcement of the rule of law, improving the quality and effectiveness of public service delivery, control of corruption etc. and may cover specific projects related to education, child nutrition, health care, poverty, livelihood, service delivery etc. While the Research Associates will be working at the field level, collecting evidence on definite, structured projects designed to examine specific policies and evaluate schemes and government programmes, they will also innovatively look at the functioning of the government system and raise issues through working papers, which could be published by the institute. Such papers could lead to further research and policy work.

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