"Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody; only because and only when, they are created by everybody."

-Jane Jacobs

In the wake of sustainable development and a valuable force to city leaders, a paradigm shift has brought Urban Planning and Governance to the forefront of any form of development activity. Growth in Urban India in the past two decades has been dynamic and requires administering of responsibilities of city leaders and proper implementation of Urban Policies and Schemes. There is need to have effective research and knowledge sharing to understand these dynamics of urban growth.

After studying the macro urban environment and through wide ranging consultations with each other, AIGGPA and Department of Urban Development & Housing partnered in establishing at AIGGPA, a Centre for Urban Governance, to carry out research and extend knowledge based support to the DoUDH in Urban Governance. The Centre identifies challenges and opportunities in planning and implementation, carry out studies to identify implementation bottlenecks and recommend policy reforms through assistance in policy planning, analysis and strategy development in the area of Urban Governance.

The Centre facilitates provisioning of technical assistance and studies pertaining to implementation level reforms for efficiency gains and effectiveness, undertake capacity development of stakeholders and implementing agencies. Evidence based gap analysis and evaluation is an intrinsic part of the centre. It involves and partners with institutions engaged in Urban Development to achieve the above objectives. The major areas of work of the centre includes human resource policy, integrated Urban Planning, developing standards for service delivery, capacity building and service level benchmarking of ULBs.

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